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Our sewage treatment facilities are at the heart of the city!

Features of our technological schemes.

Applied us technological scheme does not provide for the use of agitators in the process.

Blowers are just not used by our schemes.

Now, we'll see what remains of the traditional equipment of sewage treatment facilities.

As you can see, practically all the equipment from sewage treatment facilities constructed by old technologies, the us does not apply.

And now we present a model master plan of Sewerage treatment facilities with productivity
3 000 m3/day.

This master plan shows the sewage treatment plants with capacity of 3 000 m3/day, designed by unique technology. They are made according to the block diagram, and maintenance of any section of it may go down without a stop of buildings in General.

If You are interested, then more information is available on the website potapofsky.byethost7.com

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